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Fall 2016

Zachary Bateman - First Deer

Wyatt Atkinson - First Deer (Left) | Thomas Gosselin - First Deer (Right)

Ames Nicolas - First Deer (Left) | Corbin Lewis - First Deer (Right)

Spring 2016

Darrell Brizendine with a Sutton County Free Range Trophy Aoudad

Fall 2015

Ty Rampy's First Deer

James Kleinmeyer with a Nice Whitetail Buck

Christy Vaughn with her First Deer with a Bow!

Youth Hunter Weekend

William James - First Deer (Left) / Greyson Mullen (Right)

Ryan Warwick-First Buck / James Robinson III / Treyton Buckley-First Buck

Kim Jones with Her First Deer/Rifle Kill

Becky Brizendine with Three Whitetail Bucks

Bill Weatherly with an Oryx

Tyler Pack with an Elk Bull

Darrell Brizendine and Todd Holland. October 3rd in Dalhart, Texas

Spring 2015 Hunts

Lee Ischy with Two Turkeys

Hunter Duckuhut with a Bobcat

From Left to Right: Tyler Krause, Dick Bottos, Hunter Dickehut, Hart Krause

Logan Davis with Two Axis Does His First Time Hunting

Fall 2014 Hunts

Steve Pack with a Whitetail Buck

Lee Ischy and Darrel Brizendine with Oryx

Lee Ischy with a Whitetail Buck

Reed and Katelyn Mallett with a Blackbuck Antelope and Axis Buck

David Vaughn with an Elk

James Kleinmeyer's First Whitetail Buck with a Bow

Kimberly Simmons' First Whitetail Buck

Reese Helm with a Whitetail Doe/Crossbow

Trace Simmons with a nice Whitetail Buck

Tyler Pack with an Elk Cow

Jim Miller with an Elk Cow

Jeffrey Ganze with an Elk Cow

Bill Weatherly with an Elk Cow

 David Vaughn with a nice Buck and Oryx

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Hunts

Cole Kinnebrugh with a Fallow doe at DB Hunting Ranch

 Darrel Brizendine with a trophy Fallow Buck!

Becky Brizendine and Wendy Morrren - Trophy Whitetail Bucks

Brizendine's Work Team

Darrel Brizendine hammers down a Trophy Hog!

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